Dish Wash Liquid Soap 5 Ltrs

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Dish Wash Liquid Soap 1ltr Pack  is a highly concentrated dish washing liquid. It formulation contains specific de greasing agents which will help in removing the oils/fats and debris from the utensil surface. There is a fresh aroma which is added so it will deodorize the utensil and dish from foul smell or cooked food material’s smell. Its highly effective as it can be used manually and also in electronic dish washers. Dish Wash Liquid soap does not contain any abrasive chemicals or harmful chemicals. It is absolutely eco friendly products. We have kept special care that Dish wash liquid soap is soft on hands and does not affect the natural moisture level in hands. Gloves are not necessary to be worn during the process of dish washing. All the type of cutlery like steel, glass, china plates and other crockery can be washed by dish wash liquid soap. the best part is the dish wash liquid soap contain anti re deposition compounds which will remove the grease and oils from the utensils and ensures that it doesn’t reset-ell  back on the utensil surface.  In this age of harmful bugs and bacteria dish wash liquid soap ensures complete anti bacterial condition of the utensil surface. It is available in 2 pack size 550 ml and 5 ltrs.

its one the best best product for dish washing

Most important part. While washing the dishes please put in your 100% to save water. It is one of the most important resource we have.  It is been well said that Jall hai to Kall hai.

Usage: Use 100-200ml Dish Wash Liquid Soap per Liter of water. Make the diluted product when needed, do not dilute and store before hand.



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