Floor Cleaner Mogra 5 Ltrs N2

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Floor Cleaner is concentrated liquid which is useful in cleaning Floors, Hard wood surfaces, Granite, Marble and Other allied surfaces. Its formulation effectively removes soils from the treated surface. Also its good for cleaning washroom floor areas. The aroma used in the cleaner is a mixture of essential oils which gives a fresh and pleasant feeling. It does not contain any hazardous, abrasive or corrosive contents so its absolutely safe if it comes directly in contact with bare hands. A perfect Anti Bacterial Cleaning Product.

Floor Cleaner is available in 2 Fragrances Lime and Lavender. Floor Claner has 3 major components and that is why it is well known as 3 in 1 cleaner. First aspect is fragrance, it is not too strong , the fragrance is pleasant. Floor cleaner is also a very highly antibacterial cleaning agent so the floor will be completely sanitized and the third aspect is cleaning. Floor cleaner contain very good surfactant content and anti re deposition compounds which are polymers and that will completely remove dirt and stickiness from floor surface.

Usage: Use 4 Cups Floor Cleaner per 3-4 Liters of water ( Per Bucket Of Water ) for best and most effective result for 1000 Square Feet.

Available in Different Fragrances
Yellow ( Lemon )– Purple ( Lavander )

Most Important part, water is a very valuable resource so please do not waste water. It is well said that Jall hai to Kall hai.

Tip of the day: When the mopping with floor cleaner is done , the remainder water which is usually dirtay can be thrown in commodes and washroom toilets. The thing is that there are many anti bacterial components in the floor cleaner which are active and they can still work well even in dirty water , thus cleaning the washroom commode and also the water will just not be wasted , it would have done its extra work.


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